As a highly social responsibility of enterprises, Infore group has been actively maintain peak with investors, employees, partners, social good relations, through their own efforts and affiliated enterprise of midea holding, guangdong and charitable foundations, and galleries, etc., actively give back to society, to be a responsible corporate citizen.


Responsible for each amount of capital invested by investors, who are an important part of the development of the enterprise, the growth of investment value is the root of Infore's pursuit.


Honesty and trustworthiness, mutual respect; Value growth, Shared; Standardized governance and transparent operation;


Win trust by virtue and ability, win return by contribution, and help employees develop by platform.


Abide by business ethics and social ethics; Continuous innovation, continuous change, active creation of social wealth; Respect the law, ecological harmony, committed to sustainable development

Environment Protection

In 2006, Infore Group began to enter the environmental protection industry by holding the listed company Fengfeng High-tech (000967). Over the years, through the endogenous development, the extension of the merger and acquisition of dual channels parallel, successively merger and acquisition of Green East, Guangdong Liangke environmental protection, Zoomlion environment, has formed the domestic advanced comprehensive environmental protection platform. Through industrial layout, we will provide high-quality high-end equipment products and sanitation services, protect green mountains and clear waters, and help China win the battle for blue skies.


Every year on the sanitation workers' Day, Yingfeng Environment organizes a "Salute to urban Beauticians" activity, calling on the public to care for sanitation workers and the urban environment. In the public welfare undertakings of sending warmth to sanitation workers, removing snow and ice, disaster relief and education, Yingfeng environment has always been at the forefront, giving support, making a contribution and assuming the responsibility of the country.

Huayi International donated fan Scene and Lady Painting to The Soong Ching Ling Foundation of Guangdong Province in 2018. The proceeds from the public welfare auction will be used for the "Help Orphans and Disabled Children" Fund project of Guangdong Soong Ching Ling Foundation. In 2019, dongrun Charity Night donated 50,000 yuan to Dongrun Charity Fund to promote the educational development of poor children in rural areas.

At the beginning of 2020, with the spread of COVID-19, various industries of the Group took actions:

Infore Environment modified 15 cleaning and disinfection vehicles donated to Wuhan Municipal Urban Management Committee for emergency cleaning and disinfection in local medical institutions, markets and supermarkets, residential communities and the surrounding areas of Hankou Square hospital. To provide two sets of water quality monitoring stations for pollution sources and related water quality monitoring services for Henan Version "Xiaotangshan" Hospital -- Zhengzhou Qiboshan Hospital; The timely launch of the sanitation and epidemic prevention robot has effectively removed the sterile blind area caused by the inability of large equipment to operate, reduced the exposure opportunities of sanitation workers, and reduced the risk of cross-infection caused by human contact.

Under the auspices of The Soong Ching Ling Foundation of Guangdong Province, Huayi International jointly launched the online auction of anti-epidemic charity "Only Art · Only Faith", and the proceeds were donated to first-line medical institutions. In the end, he donated 646,619.18 yuan to Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and 426,180.82 yuan to Guangzhou First People's Hospital, realizing the ultimate transmission of love and power.