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Infore Group Co.,Ltd ( Infore Group) was found in 1994, which is a diversified industrial investment holding group in rapidly developing stage. The headquarter of Infore Group is located in Shunde, Guangdong.

At present, the group has five industrial distribution areas: environment, culture, investment, technology and consumption. It has listed companies "Infore Enviro" (stock code 000967) and "Baina Qiancheng" (stock code 300291). And Infore Enviro, Infore Zoomlion, Shangfeng Special Blower, Baina Qiancheng (formerly Hualu Baina), Pmore, Hollys,Mesamis and a series of well-known brands at home and abroad. The holding company, its projects and stores are mainly distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Foshan, Changsha, Shaoxing, Yangzhou and other cities. The business covers 34 provincial-level administrative regions in China with about 20,000 registered employees. In 2020, Infore was listed in hurun Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises; In 2021,  the group's revenue was nearly 20 billion yuan, and it was ranked 77 of Guangdong's top 100 Private Enterprises, 18 of Foshan's Top 100 Enterprises and 11 of Foshan's Top 100 Manufacturing enterprises.

In the field of environmental protection, we will focus on developing intelligent equipment, intelligent service and intelligent cloud platform.

Infore environment surrounding the sanitation "wisdom" development strategy, the formation of intelligent equipment, intelligence service and ZhiYun platform three business areas, have Infore zoomlion, Infore science and technology, on the east, green industrial, vikki DengZi brand, business covers the sanitation equipment, integration of intelligent robot sanitation, environmental monitoring, environmental sanitation services, solid waste treatment, intelligence, wisdom, environmental sanitation cloud platform management, etc. Since 2018, Infore Environment has been fully engaged in the field of sanitation equipment and sanitation services, vigorously developing intelligent and unmanned sanitation business, and committed to becoming a respected and trusted leader in the industry of intelligent environmental equipment and services led by sanitation robots.

In the cultural field, the film and television culture and art auction two major industries are deeply cultivated.

Hualu Baina is committed to creating an IP combined transportation system and a new cultural and creative operation chain platform with TV series, film and variety as the core. Has launched "HanWu emperor", "Wang Gui and Anna", daughter-in-law good times more than double harvest, viewing and word-of-mouth and successively, who won five award, the gold, magnolia award, such as awards, was named "national cultural enterprise 30 strong", five consecutive terms was rated as "national cultural exports of key enterprises.

Huayi International Auction is one of the founders of The Chinese art auction market and the benchmark of the auction industry in South China, with a complete art operation industrial chain. Business involved in auction, finance, art e-commerce three plates, business layout guangzhou, Hong Kong, Beijing. Among them, the art auction business covers Chinese calligraphy and painting, porcelain • jade • crafts, modern and contemporary art, jewelry and watches are still in the market and rare collection of five categories of dozens of categories, established 27 years ago, held more than 1000 auctions. The total turnover in 2019 ranks the sixth in the world and the third in China.

In the financial field, the business involves private equity fund, equity investment, industrial merger and acquisition investment, small loan and so on.

Infore Capital is one of the earliest private equity fund management institutions to establish and issue Sunshine Private placement in China. Infore Capital holds the No. 9 asset Management license issued by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, and has won awards such as China Sunshine Private Placement Top List, Yinghua Award and Central Certificate Award. Adhering to the investment philosophy of "select value · Steady investment", we continue to create excess returns for investors from three aspects: macro timing, industry allocation and selected stocks.

Infore equity funds, covering six fund, investment direction includes environment, culture, consumption, advanced manufacturing, materials, and other fields, involving angels, VC investment type, growth period, PE, m&a, a variety of types and formats such as PIPE, well-known portfolio with Thomson technology, cloud whale intelligence, for technology, cool wow robot, etc.

Infore HP is a national high-tech enterprise, which has been approved by guangdong branch center of Credit Information Center of the People's Bank of China to access the credit information system of the people's Bank of China. As a representative Internet small loan company in Guangdong Province, the company will continue to make efforts in anti-fraud, intelligent customer service, big data risk control, small loan asset cloud, intelligent supply chain finance and other fields, and strive to become a first-class fintech company in China.

In the field of mother and baby, we provide pregnant women, infants and children with food, supplies, clothing and other quality services.

Baby bear: TongLianSuo business co., LTD., dedicated to provide high-end products and services, the main infant supplies, nursing supplies, pregnant women supplies, such as 14 categories of products, business coverage in hunan, hubei, jiangsu, jiangxi, sichuan and other provinces, has more than 240 entity stores, more than 400 by the national certification of professional nursery teacher, 6 million loyal member.

Guangdong Infore maternal and child commerce co., ltd. has a comprehensive layout of Tmall, jingdong, suning tesco, pinduoduo and other e-commerce platforms, with 10 online self-run stores and many online distributors and distributors. Omni-channel agency brands include Baby Candy, Baby Art and Baby brands of The United Kingdom. Meanwhile, it owns the online channel distribution rights of 15 cooperative brands such as Pampers, King and Huggies.

Shenzhen Momi Fashion Technology Co., Ltd. independently operates the original brand of Momo Momi, with the authorization of Hasbro's world-renowned cartoon character Peppa Pig. It has more than 2,500 maternal and child stores across the country, more than 100 exclusive stores, and nearly 400,000 followers from various channels. It is a leading brand of baby and child clothing in China's maternal and child retail brick-and-mortar stores.

In the field of science and technology, it focuses on the research and development of new materials and explores the development trend of intelligent robots.

Infore materials is a manufacturer of powder metallurgy parts with the strongest comprehensive strength in South China. Its products are widely used in automobile, household appliances, tools, office equipment and other fields. Infore has cooperated with Germany Bosch Group, Sweden Hande Group, France Valeo Group and other strong companies in the automotive field, and co-exists with brand strategies such as RICOH, DANFOSS and GPP.

YINGHE Robotics was founded in March, 2020 and is composed of a multidisciplinary team of talents led by leading figures in the robotics industry. With service robots and intelligent manufacturing as the core, the company has formed a collaborative and closed loop, and will be deeply engaged in the robot application of urban governance and national emergency management industry to solve social problems and promote industrial development.

For a long time,Infore Group always takes foresight and insight into the changes of The Times, takes "cultivating the industry, creating value" as its mission, adheres to the dual-wheel driven business model of "industry + investment", and is committed to building a number of leading industrial development platforms, and becoming an excellent industrial holding group. Adhering to the "integrity, professional, innovation, share" core values, "value, value enhancement, value sharing" business philosophy, and "good for first, performance orientation, continuous learning, cultural identity" of the concept of choose and employ persons, surplus peak group found in multiple industries and cultivating leading, create career stage for the employees, stimulate the vitality of enterprise development.

In the pursuit of economic development at the same time, Infore group corporate social responsibility is regarded as a kind of let the longevity enterprise values and action guide, through the layout of the five major industry sectors, as well as the associated enterprises of midea holding co., LTD, guangdong and charitable foundations, and galleries, etc., actively give back to society, to be a responsible corporate citizen.


INFORE Profile

INFORE Profile


Acquired Guangdong Guangfa Interconnection Small loan Co., Ltd. to integrate resources for collaborative development

Acquired Shenzhen Isbo Software Building, renamed Shenzhen Yingfeng Center, and explored the dual headquarters development mode


In 2018, it acquired a 17.55 % stake in Huaru Baina and became its largest shareholder.


Purchased Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science&Technology; Has the most comprehensive environmental protection industry group in China


Guangdong Infore Material Science & Technology Holding Co.,Ltd was officially listed.

“Zhejiang Shangfeng Stock Co.,Ltd” changed its name to “Infore Environment Science & Technology Group Co.,Ltd”

Brought stakes in “Guangzhou Huayi International Auction Co.,Ltd”

As top 6 shareholder, Infore participated in establishing Guangdong Private Investment Stock Co.,Ltd


“Infore Investment Management (Hongkong) Co.,Ltd got Hongkong Securities and Futures Commission No.9 Information Technology License


The foundation of headquarter building of Infore Group

Established “ Infore Capital”, a comprehensive private management company


Holding in “Baby Bear” and entered into Maternity-Baby-Children retail industry

The group officially changed its name to “Infore Holding Investment Group Co.,Ltd”

Established “ Guangdong Infore Investment Management Co.,Ltd; entered into private equity investment fund industry

Infore Holding ( Hongkong) Co.,Ltd was found.


Brought 25% of the shares in E Found Management Co.,Ltd and became the largest shareholder

Established “Shenzhen Heying Investment Management Co.,Ltd” and entered into private equity investment fund industry


Holding in “ Upwind Tech”, a listed company (000967), and entered into fan industry


The group realized the strategic transformation and completely withdrew from OEM manufacturing and household appliance circulation


Established Guangdong Infore Group Co.,Ltd; implemented collectivization operation;


Established “Guangdong Yingke Electronic Co.,Ltd”; entered into home appliances controller manufacturing field


Established “Guangdong Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd”, entered into home appliances circulation field


Established “Shunde Modern Industry Co.,Ltd” and involved in the manufacturing of small home appliance OEM

Chairman Speech

It has been 27 years since Infore started it business in 1994. Throughout the ages, Infore Group is committed to building several leading industrial development platforms, aiming at becoming a first class diversified industrial investment holding group. In recent years, a number of excellent enterprises in the industry has joined in Infore, including Upwind Tech, Baby Bear, Yuxing Science & Technology, Green Orient and Huayi International, which form industrial group covering finance, environmental protection, consumption, culture and new materials.

The growth of Infore can not leave the support from all sides, such as government, people from all walks of life, all infore staff and partners. At present, Infore has entered into a new development stage. But we should also be aware of the difference between Infore and other excellent enterprises in China. It is a time of rapid change. We hope we can have a long term view. Only the farsighted can we win the future. Infore people witness the growth of Infore with their passion and perspiration. In near future, we will create a more colorful future with dream and struggle.

As we advocate China dream, every Yingfeng staff has their dream. What we do is not only for ourselves, but for the world; We work for tomorrow, more for the future. Endeavor realizes dreams and makes achievements. Let us struggle together to create Infore dream.

Better future starts from here.

President of Infore Group Co.,Ltd: Jianfeng HE

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Make the future better


Committed to become a leading and respected corporate group


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